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Direct-ED Becomes Carbon Balanced Printer

In January 2022, Direct-ED was officially confirmed as a Carbon Balanced Printer with the World Land Trust.

This is amazing news that the team have worked very hard to achieve. It means they can continue the great work they began when they become registered Green Mark Level 2.

Carbon Balanced Printer is a certification setup by the World Land Trust to certify printers that are offsetting the emissions involved in produce the printing they do. The process covers all elements surrounding the print side of the process (electricity, gas, travel etc.). This is then combined with Carbon Balanced Paper to be able to offer our customers a certificate to show their printing is Carbon Balanced Print (the combination of Carbon Balanced Paper from a Carbon Balanced Printer). 

Carbon Balanced Paper is when the emissions used to make the raw materials are offset by the World Land Trust through a variety of protection programs based all around the world.

Direct-ED are currently offsetting their emissions through a project in Guatemala. More information for this project can be found here.

As we move further into 2022, the plan is for all customers to receive a certificate to show their purchase was Carbon Balanced by Direct-ED. This will be rolled out in the coming months so look out for it.

For more information, download the PDF About Carbon Balanced Print Direct ED

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