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Welcome to our online shop. We create, manufacture and supply a wide-range of printing for schools. Our range includes Exercise Books (with and without personalisation), Comics, Reading Records and other Pupil Books, Banners, Greeting Cards, Posters and much much more.

Below you will find the items you are looking for, but if you can’t see what it is you are here for, you might just be on the wrong product. If you need help, just email or call us.

  • Creative Curriculum

    Creative Curriculum (8)

    As pupils move through the school and navigate different subjects and topics, they will be faced with many different learning styles - with each pupil thriving in different ways and through different learning techniques. Creative Curriculum is our answer to those who learn best through more creative endeavour, with our collection embodying imagery, storytelling, and creative outlets as a means of studying different topics and subjects.From reading records books for schools, to our collection of history creative curriculum comics and colouring books, this collection is designed for all age groups and puts storytelling and visualisation at the heart of different subjects - enabling pupils to learn and pick up new pieces of information in different and engaging ways. Each of our products in the creative curriculum collection has been designed to support fun learning and is as accessible as possible for all age groups with images and activities bringing topics to life for children.We believe that pupils learn best when presented with information in a variety of different ways - and that includes creative outlets and games. Each of these resources supports engaging and inspiring learning for all pupils.
  • Customised Exercise Books

    Customised Exercise Books (37)

    Our range of personalised exercise books lets you combine cover colours, logos, ruling styles, page numbers, lamination and more to create the perfect books for your school.To order, select a book size from the categories below and configure your books.Before you order, please bear in mind that once a custom order is placed it can't be changed, nor can the books be returned, as the order is unique to your school and can't be restocked.
  • Exercise Books

    Exercise Books (12)

    From making independent learning notes, to jotting down ideas to share with the class, high quality exercise books are integral to building the foundations of strong communication – both in reading and writing.Whether your pupils are writing their name on the front of their very first exercise book or filling the last page on their last day of term, all of our exercise books are designed to support their learning and give them somewhere to take note of everything that matters to them as they move through school and beyond. With books designed to be kept, we find out exercise books are also used by teachers and learning support staff, thanks to their versatility and lightweight structure which makes them easy to carry.With a vast assortment of exercise books available, including standard lines, wider lines, graph paper and plain paper, in a series of different sizes, we have the right solution for every lesson and every age group. We also offer bespoke branded exercise books to those schools looking for a tailored package.
  • Home Learning Packs

    Home Learning Packs (1)

    Created as a response to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, giving schools a means of equipping both pupils and their parents for ongoing and interrupted learning, our collection of home learning packs are uniquely designed to bring different learning styles and requirements together. A home learning pack is a single product which includes a selection of different books - each with a different type of paper inside the cover to cater to different subject and age group requirements. This includes lined paper, squared paper, music paper and blank paper - all the tools needed to ensure a seamless transition between school and home learning. With pupils now back in schools, these home learning packs can help with everything from homework to extra credit work, additional learning and development exercises, and basic creative expression outside of the classroom. All of our home learning packs are available in an infant and a junior pack for different age groups, with a variety of coloured covers available depending on your preference and school branding. You can also add any of our packs to a bespoke selection and have your school logo added for an extra cost.
  • New Products

    New Products (3)

    Brand new products to the Direct-ED range. Includes everything from exercise books to school resources, comics to banners.
  • Off-The-Shelf Books

    Off-The-Shelf Books (25)

    Off-The-Shelf Exercise Books with pre-ordained options designed for a speedier service. Here you will find one of each of our rulings that cannot be altered as well as our full range of pupil specific books (e.g. Reading Records, Word Logs etc.)
  • OS Bespoke Exercise Books

    OS Bespoke Exercise Books (9)

    OS Sized Excercise Books that can be bespoked to match your criteria. Simply choose your ruling and then bespoke the rest.
  • Pupil Books

    Pupil Books (17)

    Both infant and junior learners need the right school books. We believe that as pupils move through the school, the tools they are given to support and frame their learning are crucial in helping them find their own preferred learning style and personality. That’s why all our schoolbooks for both junior and infant pupils are designed to support learning in both a formal and visual way - making them accessible to children of all ages and learning styles.Our collection of junior and infant schoolbooks include homework books to support home development and learning outside the classroom, and a selection of exercise books which can be used for different lessons with different styles of paper inside the covers. We also offer dedicated subject books for different age groups to support optimum immersive learning and understanding. To encourage active learning outside the classroom as well as in a formal school setting, all our exercise books come in a selection of sizes from A4 down to more portable jotters for notetaking on the go.
  • School Printing

    School Printing (9)

    From welcome banners to warning posters, exercise books, wall charts and learning tools, to other stationery, and school paraphernalia, our job is to deliver all the school printing items you need at a quality and a price that you cannot argue with. We understand that different types of printing require different paper weights, styles, and sizes - that’s why everything we do comes with options which allow you to tailor and personalise your order dependent on what you need. We also know how important it is that you receive everything on time and in the right quantities to support consistent and efficient learning.As well as the generic and basic school supplies, we also provide school printing items for more unique and specific learning tools, for example our creative curriculum collection and a variety of different subject wall charts and learning posters which all bring learning to life in visual ways for different age groups and abilities.For more information on our printing services and how we can support your school printing requirements, get in touch with us.
  • 8×4 Alternate Blank and Lined – Bespoke Books

  • 8×4 Alternate Blank and Squared – Bespoke Books

  • 8×4 Alternate Music Stave and Lined – Bespoke Books

  • 8×4 Blank Pages – Bespoke Books

  • 8×4 Fully Lined With Margin – Bespoke Books

  • 8×4 Fully Lined Without Margin – Bespoke Books

  • 8×4 Fully Squared – Bespoke Books

  • 8×4 Handwriting – Bespoke Books

  • 8×4 Split Blank and Lined – Bespoke Books


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