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Carbon Balancing

In 2022 Direct-ED became a a registered Carbon Balanced Printer with the World Land Trust (www.carbonbalancedpaper.com). This means that we offset all our emissions that we produce whilst manufacturing our products. In addition to this we also offset the paper creating Carbon Balanced Paper. Not all paper can be bought recycled and not all paper can be guaranteed accredited sustainable. So by doing it this way, we can ensure we put back what we take out.

By being a Carbon Balanced Printer and using Carbon Balanced Paper, we create Carbon Balanced Print. This means all your books and the books used by all our customers are Carbon Balanced.

We take the total spend on paper and donate money to specific causes around the world that preserve rainforests and help keep carbon in the ground.

You will notice that we add a % to your basket to help cover this cost. You are simply paying to help offset the paper used in your books. In return, not only do you get knowledge that your purchase is helping, not hindering the planet, but we will send a certificate to show your purchase and purchases have been offset as below.

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