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Direct-ED Joins Made In Britain Association

We have always made our products in Britain, with 99% of them actually made in our Lancashire-based factory. But why would you believe us? Surely we would say anything to make us look good. Well now you don’t just have to take our word for it (but if you did, thanks!)

Made In Britain in an organisation focussed on bringing together British manufacturing and promoting it to the world. This organisation is all about singing the praises of the manufacturers who, despite great competition from overseas, continue to employ and produce in this country. Now more than ever this is vitally important to the future of the country. With the pandemic and Brexit changing the landscape of the way customers purchase and suppliers produce, British manufacturing has never been more under pressure. It is with the help of organisations like Made In Britain that companies like ours will be able to thrive far into the future and you, the customer, will be able to say with pride, I buy in Britain!

For more information about Made In Britain, you can visit their website – www.madeinbritain.org

But we also implore you to watch out for their logo . This will be displayed proudly by all manufacturers linked to it. You will be able to order with peace of mind knowing the company has been vetted.

Thank you for supporting us as a British manufacturer, and thank you to Made In Britain for raising this awareness.

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