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Creating a good school prospectus

A good school prospectus is a valuable marketing tool which allows the school to communicate its core values, celebrate its ethos and achievements, and show off its highlights in a simple blend of imagery and information. While school websites are the number one touchpoint for parents researching and seeking information about new schools, a prospectus provides a tangible and physical reflection of the school – and gives parents and their children something to take home and look through in their own time.

A good school prospectus is built on quality, both in terms of its finish and the content. As an extension of the school’s branding, the school prospectus design must be focussed on the key branding colours and the logo, using imagery which reflects the school community and its ethos.

So, what should the school prospectus include?

One of the most important things to remember is that your school prospectus needs to be inclusive and welcoming. This is a valuable piece of marketing collateral which will be taken home by parents who visit open days and will be sent out to families who have requested it. For many, it will form their first impression of the school as a whole, and so must deliver consistent messaging which communicates the values at the heart of the school.

A good school prospectus isn’t one which focuses solely on the classroom, but instead is one which combines an overview of learning techniques and the curriculum with information about school achievements, the school community and how parents can get involved.

Our top tips for creating a high level school prospectus

  • Keep the imagery light and natural. Hiring a professional photographer for the day will leave you with a series of images which capture pupils and teachers, other staff members, the school environment and facilities, and all manner of different activities which your prospectus should showcase.
  • Answer the questions that both parents and pupils will have – and don’t just focus on the curriculum and academic work. Share sporting achievements and opportunities that your school offers as well.
  • Include direct quotes and the words of pupils, parents, teachers, and even the local community. Showcase your school as a part of the local area and use quotes which act as word of mouth testimonials.
  • Keep the layout simple and easy to follow. Your school prospectus is a valuable tool is providing information to readers of different ages – by keeping it simple you are making it appealing to a wider range of people.
  • Ensure that the quality of printing matches the content and delivers a prospectus that your school can be proud of.

Achieving a high quality finish means working with the right designer and prospectus printing company, with our prospectus printing service offering clients a choice of materials and print styles. For more information head to our Prospectus and Brochure page.

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