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5 sustainability and eco awards for primary schools

The 5 Best Sustainability/Eco Awards for Your School

Direct ED is constantly improving its manufacturing processes to make your exercise books more sustainable. By manufacturing entirely in the UK, we’re able to cut the carbon footprint of the schools we support, and it won’t stop there. Now, we’re taking a look at the awards open to schools pursuing their own sustainability goals.

Changing the way in which we live is crucial to ensuring that we do everything possible to save our planet. Global warming is a serious problem and although the current older generation can play their role, schools can also play their part. The younger generation is the generation of the future and they are likely to be the ones impacted by global warming. Therefore, it is crucial to instil in them at a young age, just how important it is to take care of our planet. As a result, school provides the ideal setting to ensure that children can become the pioneers and leaders of change when their time comes. This is where the following awards can help to empower children while ensuring your school plays its part in making a change.


The Eco-Schools Green Flag




This award is available in the UK, although it is internationally recognised, and it is awarded for excellence in environmental action and learning. Schools can work their way through the programme, earning the Bronze and Silver awards before working towards the green flag.


Schools can work on this at any pace they wish although, on the whole, it can take around one academic year to achieve the flag before being asked to renew it every two years.


TES Sustainable Schools Award




Through a partnership between WWF and TES, this award is all about Education for Sustainable Development and is designed for schools that want to put sustainable development at the heart of everything that they do. Through developing a better understanding of education for sustainable development and the importance of sustainability, it can help children to learn through ideas and activities that enable them to become more sustainable.


The Better Energy School Awards




This award is designed to aid and encourage environmental education for those pupils aged between 5 and 11. The award promotes cross-curricular work based on the environment and any other work being done at the school that can cover any environmental issue. The awards ties in environmental education with the National Curriculum in England and Wales as well as the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence


The Primary School Environment Award




The Primary School Environment Award was implemented to encourage schools to implement environmental awareness and action within primary-aged pupils. This is achieved through projects that are themed around the environment. Along with holding the title, schools are then given money to take their project to reality, ensuring that primary pupils fully understands what it means to be environmentally friendly.


Green Tree Schools Award




Schools can achieve this award if they are seen to be completing environmental projects such as tree planting, visiting woods and reducing their Co2 emissions. For every project or activity that is completed, they are given points and that means that they can move through the different awards which include bronze, silver, gold and then the platinum award.


Looking for tips and help on how to improve the sustainability of your school? Take a look at the following links:







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