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Story Creation Board Game

Teach your children to celebrate creative writing with this 3-in-1 board game. The product comes with 3 boards, 3 different games and 3 sets of dice and counters to allow the full class to play versions of the game all at the same time.

Games include:

  • Plot Thickens – Collect plot elements as you move around the board. Finish by coming up with a plot and reading it to the class.
  • Twists & Turns – Start with a self-created story idea. Collect twists and turns as you move around the board. Each time you collect a card, write a paragraph about how your story has changed. At the end you will have a fantastic story of twists and turns.
  • Make A Connection – To stop you saying “and then”. Start with a self-create sentence. Collect connectives as you move around the board and come up with the next sentence. At the end of the game, you will have a very fluid, well written story.

This is all about celebrating creative writing. Nobody wins. Everyone just enjoys each others stories.




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