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Getting to grips with phonics is something that starts early in the education system, with children taught to recognise different sounds and the verbal formation of certain letters at a young age. Structuring this kind of learning in a classroom can be challenging, and so our collection of Phonics resources and activity books help your child to understand different words and sounds they have heard and how to use them to create full sentences and longer phrases.
Our collection covers three different learning levels, with lots of imagery used inside to support the child’s learning and development. We have also left space inside each of the books for the child to jot down books that they have read and shared with the class at school, creating the seamless communication between school and home that allows parents to support and understand what their child is working on.
Each book contains space for phonics and words, and parent comments as well as teacher observations. All our books come in packs of 10 and are lightweight and easy for pupils to carry around in a school bag.


Welcome to our online shop. We create, manufacture and supply a wide-range of printing for schools. Our range includes Exercise Books (with and without personalisation), Comics, Reading Records and other Pupil Books, Banners, Greeting Cards, Posters and much much more.

Below you will find the items you are looking for, but if you can’t see what it is you are here for, you might just be on the wrong product. If you need help, just email or call us.

  • My Reading & Phonics Lvl 1 (10 Pk)

  • My Reading & Phonics Lvl 2 (10 Pk)

  • My Reading & Phonics Lvl 3 (10 Pk)


Hi, I'm Helen, one of the team at Direct ED. I love helping schools create unique, sustainable, UK-manufactured exercise books.

If you'd like to create a special design, our team led by renowned artist Tim Perkins is on hand. While the school service team and I are ready to help you find and order the perfect set of books.

Any questions, call me anytime on 01254 23 88 44.

Helen @ Direct ED

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