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Lined paper is one of the most valuable learning tools for every school to have in stock, from the early days of handwriting through to the spelling years, creative and critical writing years, and onto essays. That’s why we offer a wide range of different lined exercise books with different sized lines and different exercise book structures – including pure lined paper and lined paper paired with blank pages to encourage optimum creativity.
Lined paper helps children to structure and format their writing correctly and is integral in building their understanding of spatial awareness on the page. Our lined paper with margins helps with everyday learning and allows teachers to add comments at the side of each pupil’s work, while our margin-less options encourage pupils to use the full page and structure their writing in their own way.
All our lined exercise books come in a variety of sizes with different line heights, offering the ideal solution for every age group and ability. Lined exercise books can also be laminated or added to our bespoke package with your school logo added.


Welcome to our online shop. We create, manufacture and supply a wide-range of printing for schools. Our range includes Exercise Books (with and without personalisation), Comics, Reading Records and other Pupil Books, Banners, Greeting Cards, Posters and much much more.

Below you will find the items you are looking for, but if you can’t see what it is you are here for, you might just be on the wrong product. If you need help, just email or call us.

  • Alternate Blank and Lined Books (10 Pk)

  • Lined With Margin (10 Pk)

  • Split Blank and Lined Books (10 Pk)


Hi, I'm Helen, one of the team at Direct ED. I love helping schools create unique, sustainable, UK-manufactured exercise books.

If you'd like to create a special design, our team led by renowned artist Tim Perkins is on hand. While the school service team and I are ready to help you find and order the perfect set of books.

Any questions, call me anytime on 01254 23 88 44.

Helen @ Direct ED

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