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From making independent learning notes, to jotting down ideas to share with the class, high quality exercise books are integral to building the foundations of strong communication – both in reading and writing.

Whether your pupils are writing their name on the front of their very first exercise book or filling the last page on their last day of term, all of our exercise books are designed to support their learning and give them somewhere to take note of everything that matters to them as they move through school and beyond. With books designed to be kept, we find out exercise books are also used by teachers and learning support staff, thanks to their versatility and lightweight structure which makes them easy to carry.

With a vast assortment of exercise books available, including standard lines, wider lines, graph paper and plain paper, in a series of different sizes, we have the right solution for every lesson and every age group. We also offer bespoke branded exercise books to those schools looking for a tailored package.


Welcome to our online shop. We create, manufacture and supply a wide-range of printing for schools. Our range includes Exercise Books (with and without personalisation), Comics, Reading Records and other Pupil Books, Banners, Greeting Cards, Posters and much much more.

Below you will find the items you are looking for, but if you can’t see what it is you are here for, you might just be on the wrong product. If you need help, just email or call us.

  • A4 Speedy Delivery

    A4 Speedy Delivery (8)

    Books that are off-the-shelf that can be with you quickly, but cannot be changed or personalised.
  • Blank Books

    Blank Books (5)

    When you want to encourage the optimum creativity and allow pupils to dictate their thoughts and learnings in their own way, blank jotters are a simple and great tool for presenting that blank canvas option. From different sized exercise books to blank pages in our subject-specific activity books, blank paper is always a useful way of encouraging self-expression and can be presented in a number of formats to encourage writing, drawing, or colouring. This in turn will allow children to develop confidence in their own thoughts and their own creativity and will help them to grow in other areas of their lives and education. As part of our collection, you will also find a series of blank paper and lined paper hybrid workbooks and exercise books, designed to encourage both creativity and structure. These again support the freedom of self-expression but alongside the more formal structure of education, combining different learning and communications techniques. For the full collection of blank jotters and exercise books, check out our catalogue.
  • Lined Books

    Lined Books (3)

    Lined paper is one of the most valuable learning tools for every school to have in stock, from the early days of handwriting through to the spelling years, creative and critical writing years, and onto essays. That’s why we offer a wide range of different lined exercise books with different sized lines and different exercise book structures - including pure lined paper and lined paper paired with blank pages to encourage optimum creativity. Lined paper helps children to structure and format their writing correctly and is integral in building their understanding of spatial awareness on the page. Our lined paper with margins helps with everyday learning and allows teachers to add comments at the side of each pupil’s work, while our margin-less options encourage pupils to use the full page and structure their writing in their own way. All our lined exercise books come in a variety of sizes with different line heights, offering the ideal solution for every age group and ability. Lined exercise books can also be laminated or added to our bespoke package with your school logo added.
  • Maths Books

    Maths Books (3)

    From basic sums to more complex equations and maths in practice, equipping pupils with the right tools is essential when it comes to making maths understandable and fun. Our collection of Maths tools supports learning from early years all the way through primary school, with a range of squared book, home learning packs and games which bring maths to life in an engaging way. We also stock a range of different support resources which focus on specific areas of maths learning, for more targeted learning support. We tend to find that the best lessons are often those that pupils pick up outside of the classroom, so implementing creative curriculums and activities supports their learning and gives them more of a practical understanding of subjects like maths which can be difficult to understand. As pupils progress through their education, you will find that our collection of different exercise books are particularly useful in supporting their longer equations and more complex workings, with different book sizes and activities breathing life into everyday maths problems. Explore our full range of Maths resources online.
  • Music Books

    Music Books (1)

    Music paper isn’t just for writing music - it is also a great way to teach pupils how to read and play music as part of their overall learning and development. By pairing music paper with both blank and lined paper inside our range of music exercise books, we encourage and enable children to learn the different between the octaves and the lines on a music sheet and start to plot their own melodies based on the way different notes are played and fit together. With music sitting up there as one of the most cultural and stimulating subjects on the modern curriculum, equipping your school with high quality music paper is not only productive but also supports life skills learning and encourages self-expression and creativity. Our music exercise books can be introduced to children as part of early education, right up to secondary and beyond as children become more familiar and confident with their understanding of sheet music. All our music exercise books come in a range of sizes with different coloured covers available. They can also be added to a bespoke package with your school logo added to the cover.
  • OS (A4+) Speedy Delivery

    OS (A4+) Speedy Delivery (1)

    Our selection of OS exercise books refer to those sized A4 and above - making this the ideal collection for those looking for the right tools for presentations, group projects, and even a more expressive and free means of learning.Perfect for all age groups, these A4+ exercise books are great for creative subjects such as art and geography, as the collection boasts different types of paper to suit different subjects and enables pupils to use their imagination to express and visually communicate their thoughts. A4+ exercise books are also the ideal solution for teachers seeking group work tools, as the larger paper offers pupils a chance to put all their collective ideas down in one place before learning to sort through and amalgamate them.Other uses of our A4+ exercise books include presentations and visual projects, as well as creating things for display purposes.All our A4+ exercise books can be enhanced with your school logo through our bespoke package and can be matched with different paper styles and different coloured covers. To browse the full collection, check out our catalogue
  • School Writing Books

    School Writing Books (3)

    Our varied school writing book formats are great for helping learners get to grips with writing. Our collection of school writing books are designed to support different stages of written education and academics, from the basic formation of letters through to joined up writing, establishing a unique style of writing, and then learning how to bring it all together to form full sentences. With a blend of formal learning activities and visual and creative tasks, each of our school writing books bring writing to life in different ways - tapping into the needs and preferences of different age groups and different children. Our school writing books also include activities for home as well as in the classroom, to create a unity between classroom learning and homework.
  • Squared Books

    Squared Books (2)

    From learning to colour within the lines, to mastering the art of drawing a straight line, through to working through complex sums and mathematic equations, there are many times in a child’s educational career that squared paper will be useful. That’s why we offer not one but a series of different squared paper options, including standard squares, smaller and enlarged squares, and exercise books with alternative blank or lined pages, and squared pages. Supporting your pupils in the most effective way possible means giving them the tools they need to work at their own pace, and we tend to find that squared paper can help pupils who prefer visual learning to plot what they’re doing in an aesthetic way. Squared paper also brings to life a graph motif that will become increasingly useful as each child moves their way through the education system and learns more about shapes and construction. All of our squared exercise books and jotters come in a multitude of colours, with branded and bespoke options available to those who want to keep their school branding at the forefront of their pupils’ resources.
  • Topic Books

    Topic Books (2)

    Topic books enable teachers to separate the curriculum into different topics and areas of focus, not only making teaching easier but also ensuring that pupils are able to focus and keep all their relevant subject notes and thoughts in one single place. These topic books also support pupils as they approach the secondary school system where individual subjects become a more important focus. Our selection of topic books for primary schools are particularly beneficial to children as they move through the academic system, picking up increasing knowledge and understanding of different subjects and framing their development. With space for homework, in-class notes, teacher comments and questions, all our topic books are designed for ease of use. With a selection of blank paper and lined paper topic books, schools are free to select the right books according to their own learning style, with different topics and different subjects utilising different paper styles. Schools can also brand their topic books with the school logo using our bespoke package.
  • Alternate Blank and Lined Books (10 Pk)

  • Alternate Blank and Square Books (10 Pk)

  • Fully Maths Squared Books (10 Pk)

  • Handwriting Books (10 Pk)

  • I Can Write Book (10 Pk)

  • Lined With Margin (10 Pk)

  • Multiplication Table Book (10 Pk)

  • Music Book (10 Pk)

  • OS (A4+) Sketch Topic Book – Blank (10 Pk)

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