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As pupils move through the school and navigate different subjects and topics, they will be faced with many different learning styles – with each pupil thriving in different ways and through different learning techniques. Creative Curriculum is our answer to those who learn best through more creative endeavour, with our collection embodying imagery, storytelling, and creative outlets as a means of studying different topics and subjects.

From reading records books for schools, to our collection of history creative curriculum comics and colouring books, this collection is designed for all age groups and puts storytelling and visualisation at the heart of different subjects – enabling pupils to learn and pick up new pieces of information in different and engaging ways. Each of our products in the creative curriculum collection has been designed to support fun learning and is as accessible as possible for all age groups with images and activities bringing topics to life for children.

We believe that pupils learn best when presented with information in a variety of different ways – and that includes creative outlets and games. Each of these resources supports engaging and inspiring learning for all pupils.


Welcome to our online shop. We create, manufacture and supply a wide-range of printing for schools. Our range includes Exercise Books (with and without personalisation), Comics, Reading Records and other Pupil Books, Banners, Greeting Cards, Posters and much much more.

Below you will find the items you are looking for, but if you can’t see what it is you are here for, you might just be on the wrong product. If you need help, just email or call us.

  • Ancient Greece Resources

    Ancient Greece Resources (1)

    Bringing history to life for pupils of all ages can be inspiring and fun, but it can also present challenges - particularly when it comes to communicating different ways of living with children who are unable to relate to the subject or time period. As such, history is one of those subjects that lends itself to creative learning and our creative curriculum resources, with our Ancient Greece learning tools particularly popular with teachers and pupils alike as they bring the culture and traditions of Ancient Greece to the classroom. Packed full of activities, images, challenges and questions, our Ancient Greece activities are designed for KS2 and promote immersive learning through a series of key events and dates, including the story of the Trojan horse, The Creation of the Olympics, and a series of Day in the Life activities that encourage children to write from the perspective of a child living in Ancient Greece. Interactive learning is one of the best ways of bringing history to life, and so these kinds of activities are well received by pupils, teachers, and their parents - with teachers able to build on the activities and lessons introduced within our activity packs to create classroom displays, performances, and full projects.
  • School Bookmarks

    School Bookmarks (1)

    Reading is a big part of learning and development, both inside the classroom through structured learning and outside of the classroom through self-managed learning and growth. Providing pupils with one of our uniquely designed book marks isn’t just a gift to help them hold the page - but in fact a supplementary learning tool which presents them with valuable information designed to enhance understanding and learning through engagement. Our bookmarks combine visual representations of key events with lots of colour and core information points, meaning that every time a pupil opens their book they are once again reminded of the information. This kind of consistent exposure to key learning points is an important point of associative learning and development. Providing school book marks is also a great way to encourage and reward reading, with some of the most popular products found in our creative curriculum catalogue of history bookmarks which bring different events to life. Bookmarks are available in a selection of different designs and can be purchased as multipacks to add extra value to every purchase. Browse the full collection in our catalogue.
  • Ancient Greece – Creative Curriculum Comics (5 Pk)

  • Citizenship KS1 Colouring and Comic Book (10 Pk)

  • Create Your Own Comic (10 Pk)

  • Dominoes (Cyclical Games)

  • History Bookmarks (30 Pk)

  • Out Of The Bag Game

  • Postcards

  • Story Creation Board Game


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