Exercise Book Personalisation

We offer 3 ways of personalising the front of an exercise book. In the product page you will have been presented with the option of having No logo (None) a black logo (OP), a colour logo (OPC) and a full colour design (FCD). Here are these in more detail:

  • OP – Black Logo – This is the typical offering when it comes to printing on exercise books. This option means you will have a book with your chosen colour of cover and then a black version of your logo put on the front cover. It looks like this:OPC – Colour Logo – This is a newer way of having your book and just adds a nice finishing touch to differentiate you from other schools. This option means you do as you do on the above and choose your colour of cover, but this time we put a colourful version of your logo on the front. Please be aware that this is still printed on coloured card and so no white will be seen on the logo. It looks like this:

  • FCD – Full Colour Design – The final option, and our favourite is FCD. This option will allow you to print the entire cover in whatever colour or design you want. Whereas the previous two options are printed on coloured card, this is printed on white card. This means you can get more colour options and a more defined colour finish. If you are hoping to see white on your logo or you want a colour cover that we don’t offer, this is your best personalisation option. It looks like this: